Saturday, April 2, 2016 2:54 PM
"…brings a refreshing, occasionally surreal sense of amused bafflement and outrage to the crazy world around him, framing his observations in rich, literate language that borders on the Shakespearean."
"…Will Durst takes on 2016 campaign, even Pillsbury Doughboy"
"…sinks his creative teeth into the neck of the beast he calls election year."
"…one of the funniest ninety minute joke-a-second laughaloozas."
"…tidal wave of verbiage with heavy dollops of simile, alliteration, verisimilitude and manic timing."
What the show
Elect To Laugh: 2016 with Will Durst is a brand-new hysterical one- man show stalking the presidential election cycle like white on rice. Ably assisted by his trusty overhead projector, this hilarious 80 minute production reflects Durst’s outraged and outrageous sensibilities, accessing the topical through the jugular, as current as Hillary Clinton’s lead staffer’s latest tweet.
Why The Show
Why not the show? Winston Churchill called the American political process a circus wrapped inside a game show covered in poisonous weasel glitter. Well, he should have. But no matter which side of the partisan aisle you sit, you have to agree that the 2016 election season has already spawned one of the most fertile, febrile and fecund campaigns in history. For mocking and scoffing and taunting purposes, that is. As a source for comedic material it has been an embarrassment of riches. Lush like a tropical rain forest. A cornucopia of delights. Its comedy for people who read or know someone who does.
Elect to Laugh: 2016 is Political Humor for People Who Don’t Like Politics.
Comedy for people who read or know someone who does.
Where the show
The Marsh
San Francisco
1062 Valencia Street
Then the world.

TICKETS: 415.282.3055

21st & Bartlett • 3 blocks from 24th & Mission BART

When the show
Every Tuesday at 8 pm until all the votes are counted.
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Elect to Laugh!: 2012
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