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Friday, September 15, 2023 • VOL. MMXX111 NO. 37
4 Stars
Comedy for People Who read or Know Someone Who Does
About Will Durst
Acknowledged by peers and press alike as one of the premier political satirists in the country, Will Durst has patched together a comedy quilt of a career, weaving together columns, books, radio and television commentaries, acting, voice overs and most especially, stand up comedy, into a hilarious patchwork of outraged and outrageous common sense. His abiding motto is “You can’t make stuff up like this." The New York Times calls him "possibly the best political comic in the country." Fox News agrees "he's a great political satirist," while the Oregonian hails him as a “hilarious stand-up journalist.” This former radio talk host, oyster shucker, and margarine smuggler currently writes a nationally syndicated humor column, and his scribblings have appeared in Esquire, George, the San Francisco Chronicle, National Lampoon, The New York Times and scads of other periodicals.
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3 Still Standing
3 Still Standing
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September 15
Debi's GoFundMe Update
It's Been Such a Long Time
June 14
Debi's GoFundMe Update
…Summer is almost upon us
May 14
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Happy Mother's Day
April 12
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Hey Everybody
February 14
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone
Friday January 6
Will & Willie Podcast LIVE
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December 30
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Happy New Year's Eve Eve!!
December 2
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Happy December Ya'll!
November 14
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Thank you One and All…
October 8
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Here we are three years and one day since Will’s stroke.
July 30
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Happy August Everyone!
June 12
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Happy (mid) June Everyone! Greetings from the best SNF in SF!!
May 10
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Greetings from rehab!!
April 14
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Hip Hip Hooray! It is the time of rebirth and new titanium for both Mr. and Mrs. Durst.
December 5
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Happy December! Who knew 2021 would almost be over so soon?
November 1
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Miracles do happen, though, and that is the miracle of your love and friendship and support…
October 1
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Also hard to believe next Thursday October 7th will be the two year anniversary of Will having his stroke.
September 6
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Will and I want to fill you in on what's been going on during the month of August.
August 1
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Will is hanging in there, despite the intense pain he's feeling in his leg.
July 2
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Will is doing well with his new Physical Therapist. She is amazing and there has been progress…
May 31
Debi's GoFundMe Update
We are still waiting to hear from St. Mary's on Will's admission to their Acute Rehab Unit.
May 3
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Will is progressing slowly. He is having more success regaining strength and movement
March 21
Debi Durst's
with Alex Bennett
March 13
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Spring is in the air! Hello everyone! Debi Durst here with your latest Will Durst update.
December 10
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Hey Everyone!
Just a quick update
on Will and his recovery.
September 30
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Hey Everyone!
Thank You One and All
for your very kind
and generous donations!
August 21
Debi's GoFundMe Update
Thank You so much
for all the donations!
March 14
Debi's GoFundMe Update
I am so humbled
and verklempt over
the kindness of friends,
and, yes, strangers
to our cause!
March 2020
GoFundMe Begins
Debi Durst, Organizer
Debi Durst here.
As some of you may
know, Will had a stroke
last October.

Title of this Week's Durst Case Scenario Hey Y'all!
It's been such a long time since my last update. Sorry. Things have been jumping here at Durstco.
My life has been full of blood (cat scratches), sweat and tears producing the 42nd Annual Comedy Day, which is this Sunday (is it really the day after TOMORROW?). 12noon to 5pm. Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park. Still absolutely FREE!! Line up can be seen at:
I know what Max Bialystok was talking about in "The Producers" when he says "I'm wearing a cardboard belt!" It seems everything gets swept aside when Comedy Day prep happens.
Except for the care and feeding of my Sweet Baboo Will.
He is coming along so very well! His left arm has much more movement. He's so proud of himself; he can now raise his arms and do the "Wakanda Forever!" salute. Not possible even two months ago.
He constantly amazes his therapists and I'm so happy he's made so much progress in such a short time.
Meanwhile, we've been going out to "date lunches" every Friday afternoon. We used to have lunch out at least once a week in the Before Times.
And I finally got Will out to Oracle Park to see a Giants game! It was a comeback win and very exciting! Many thanks to our STH Client Manager Margo Malone for getting us primo ADA seats in the Club Section. Will had such a great time and we actually made it on TV! Thanks to Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper for the mention and the camera time!! Here's a pic of us at the game! Photo by: Steve Eigenberg (aka Duke Snider)
Sadly Will is still not able to appear live at Comedy Day. We're hoping he can make it next year. I have a recording of Will I'm having the sound guys play while I'm onstage holding Will's cutout from the 2020 season of Giants baseball.
Happy September Everybody and Thank You So Much for the continued love and support!! Hope to see some of you in the Meadow on Sunday!
xoxo, Debi & Will

BoomeRaging (1)(2)Interview
From LSD to OMG
BoomeRagingWill Durst’s acclaimed tribute to the history, growth, joys, achievements, frustrations, fashions and looming doom of the Baby Boom Generation. Ably assisted by his trusty overhead projector, Durst explores the Boomers’ revolutions, evolutions and still vibrant role in today’s youth-obsessed society, which they invented, for crum’s sake. It’s a celebration of the maturation of the Boomer Nation and as an extra, added, special treat- the Meaning of Life.
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